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Salt Water Divas A Surf Sisterhood has programs designed and dedicated to women of all ages. Whether you want to be introduced to surfing for the first time or you’ve been surfing for years our sisterhood is for you. Come share the camaraderie with other women in one of our group surf clinics. No matter what your goal, we have 3  beach locations in 2 counties available with an amazing Star Studded Lineup of Instructors with group clinics 3 days a week. Every instructor has been 100% “Diva Approved”. The Women’s Surf Education Program is open to all women 15 and up. All group clinics are 2 to 4 women per instructor allowing every student to have maximum instruction time in and out of the water. Beyond learning how to ride waves, you will be making memories, building friendships, getting in shape and having the time of your life doing it!
WARNING: Surfing can become an addiction…

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For more information on programs available in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.
805 364 4423 or Contact Us: SaltWaterDivas@gmail.com

Meet Our Amazing Instructors


Mary Osborne stands as a symbol synonymous with the burgeoning movement of women’s surfing during the past decade. She has been the winner of the MSA Classic. She was the first woman on the cover of  Surfer’s Path. On the cover of Surf Life for Women, Making Waves, Surfing Girl Magazine, Surfer, Surfing, Entertainment Weekly, Pacific Long Boarder, Sunset, Women’s Surf Style and dozens more. Mary won the long boarding division in the MTV reality series, Surf Girls. She won 2003 Action Girl of the Year and was nominated for the 2003 Teen Choice Award, “Best Female Athlete.” She has since made appearances on Entertainment Weekly, and worked as a host for FOX Sports Net. Mary is the co-author of Sister Surfer:  A Woman’s Guide to Surfing with Bliss and Courage. The book is still a source of inspiration for women to  catch their first wave. She currently lives in Ventura, owns and operates Mary Osborne Surf Camps and  Retreats and was nominated Ventura County’s “Best Athlete”.



Doug YartzDoug Yartz has been surfing since the age of 10. He is a Goleta Goodland local and is the owner and operator of Surf Country Surf Shop. Doug knows everything there is about the sport of surfing from riding wave up and down the central coast to Baja and Central America. He has surfed the north shores of Hawaii as well as South America. Doug loves Long Boards, Short Boards and everything in between. He teaches the art of board shaping as well as repairs. Even with all this knowledge and years of experience, the thing that Doug still loves the most is helping people learn how to surf. As Doug would say, “I feel inspired every time I see the excitement of a new surfer catching their first  wave. I remember that feeling and there’s nothing like it.”



Dave Johnson says he is one of the lucky ones, who gets to do what he loves most. The UCSB graduate’s chosen profession is operating Progressive Surfboards since 1975. He has also shaped and made custom boards for World Champions like Shaun Thompson. Even Kelly Slater has been seen on a Progressive Surf Board and yes Dave is the custom board shaper for the Salt Water Divas. Dave has been Surfing breaks all over the Goodland as well as breaks in Mexico, Hawaii, and Panama. With over 40 years in local waters from C Street, Rincon to Jalama, every local surfer knows Dave Johnson. Dave loves Surfing and he is always willing to share his wisdom with others. Dave is the Surf Coach for the Dos Pueblos High School Surf Team. Everyone ever lucky enough to have surfed with Dave Johnson has not only been with a local icon but comes out of the water with surf knowledge that serves a lifetime.



ErikErik Edwards grew up in the hills of Santa Barbara. Spent most of his free time growing up on the beaches between Carpinteria and Gaviota and is an expert on the local breaks. He has spent 2 years teaching international clientele on the North shore of Kauai and thousands of lessons for A-Frame Surf School with amazing reviews. For the past 8 years he has been coaching surfing and leading youth camps.
Erik is currently a teacher and the surf coach for the Santa Barbara Middle School  surf team and has now been invited to the Salt Water Divas surf education program. If you’ve ever seen Erik surf, he is a master in the waves yet, Erik will instantly make you feel at ease.